Minggu, 30 Januari 2011

New entry

Duty for class X, Chapter 4 :

first Sunday of Februari 2011 :

1. Opening of UUD 1945 irreversible by whoever is including MPR result of general election. Mentions 4 its criterion!
2. Five Principles has objective characters and also subject, explains which you to know about :
a. Five Principles has universal objective values.
b. Five Principles has values subyektif
3. Five Principles has some functions, between it is as personality nation agreement of exaltus. Explains what is the meaning!
4. Shows in Konstitusi 1945, there are explain that Indonesian embraces system Presidensial Cabinet!
5. Shows in each sections, implementation of Five Principles principles in constitution 1945!
6. What your knew about Appellate court authority?
7. Contents of constitution fundamental include 4 thing, mentions!

Duty for class XII, Chapter 3 :
First week in Februari 2011 :
1. Whatn is understanding of mass media according to Indonesia dictionary ?
2. Mention regulation related to Pers!
3. Mention any kind of equipment in building publication !
4. What Is function of mass media?
5. What is the reason of government in orde baru limits life of the Pers ?
6. What called as healthy Pers ?
7. Where the importance of Pers at colonization of Japan?