Kamis, 07 April 2011

Task for class X


1. Human right was natural rights sticking at man x'self since borne is … .
a. people's hope.
b. commendation of development cityzen.
c The one supreme God godsend
d. one of purpose of national development.
e. state godsend at its the people.

2. Mandatory human right in holding high height so that its the occuret … .
a. free of governmental observation
b. requires regulation guarantying it
c. must be adapted for local mores
d. can be adapted for each importance
e. must beware of in order not to human ownself

3. Execution of Human right is not absolute, this thing limited by … .
a. person awareness..
b. natural of man.
c. others basic rights
d. common interest.
e. decision coexists

4. Example of protection of Human right at citizen in the field of law is … .
a. all mandatory citizens to work.
b. free releases opinion.
c. free implements the religion
d. participation of member in advocating state.
e. self-defence [is] entitled to in front of justic

5. Every state surely had constitution, because constitution is as ... .
a. state goverment rationale
b. elementary law is written only
c. unwritten regulation
d. Habit country sistem
e. source of regulation of state

6. Function of constitution as base law is ... .
a. ties citizen and governmental
b. peremptory by all party(sides
c. as agreement of public
d. as source of laws
e. governmental demarcation

7. Esensi Social Justice principle For All Indonesia People is ... .
a. equivalence of man prestige
b. omnipoten of the infinite
c. demarcation of man basic exercise
d. there is no private ownership goods
e. not implementaion of jungle law

8. Including between the gist of one's thoughts Preambule of UUD 1945 is ....
a. Believing in One God
b. Democracy state
c. Social justice for Indnesia people
d. State based on nationality
e. State based on kemanusian which is fair

9. Preambule of UUD 1945 as basal state method fundamental with characteristic...
a. decide by state former
b is having contain Indonesian nation objectivity..
c. Appreciation to state struggle
d. Be a series of UUD
e. Place of confirming of text Proklamasi

10. Not be including as contents of fundamental UUD is ... .
a. distrition government body power
b. Arranges human right exploiting
c. Arranges rule to change UUD
d bring into reallity purpose of state dreamed of
e. Arranges relationship between state institutes

11. One of example ( convention) be .. .
a. oration President RI every date of 16 Augusts.
b. cooperation President and Parliament
c. demarcation of tenure President
d. political visit of functionary RI out country
e. habit of functionary performs job activity visit.

12. Konstitution state RI the year 1945 embracing ground division of power, mean .. .
a. UUD applies the theory trias politika
b. power of state is dissociated to to become 3 power
c. power of state on-hand legislative institute
d. there is cooperation between state institutes
e. all decisions is specified based on agreement

13. One of goverment system characteristic according to UUD state RI the year 1945 is ...
a. president domiciles as goverment head and president
b. president takes hold of as president
c. ministers is having responsibility at Parliament
d. President is selected directly by public
e. there is no state in state

14. Alenia fourth opening of UUD state RI the year 1945, affirms function of state is ... .
a. citizen protector
b. economic life regulator
c. law determinant which is correct absolute
d. maker various social norms
e. execute world orderliness

15. Law No12 the year 2006 about
a. civil rule
b. regulation of Indonesia crime
c. losing of Indonesia civic
d. hak and obligation a citizen
e about civic

16. Member Of DPR/DPD/DPRD/BPD must per me according to political behavioural rule matching with order for him is… .
a. Manages area revenue plan
b. arranges public?people importance
c. Law Design and revises his own
d. Changes governmental policy
e. Monitoring UU carrying

17. Maklumat the Government 14 Novembers 1945 containing about... .
a. Forming of Multi Party
b. Parliament transisional
c. Presidensial becomes parlementer
d. Liberal democracy politics
e. functioning KNIP of legislation

18. There is no bearing with Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, be ... .
a. state symbol
b. Prapanca
c. differs in permanent one
d. eagle bird
e. Regulation of The Government of Number 66/1951

19. Democracy is led which written in Tap MPR No VIII / MPRS / 1965, contains rule about ... .
a. election mechanism of member of Parliament and assembley state
b. mechanism the management of general election
c. level does conference in MPRS
d. retrieval of decision based on general consensus
e. the management of plenary conference of MPRS

20. If chlid borns in state region embracing ius sanguinis his father ununderstand there is possibility... .
a. happened bipatride
b. happened apatride
c. ius sanguinis
d. there fathers Indonesia citizen
e. there mother Indonesia citizen