Jumat, 28 Mei 2010

Problem for the Class X Senior High School 1st Boyolali, exercises for the second semester

1. In determining citizenship adopted two Azaz, explain!
2. Name the five regulatory laws, which relate to citizenship?
3. Explain the differences in the conduct of elections in the old order with the new order?
4. After the proclamation was born five intimation, explain!
5.Di Indonesia has been implementing three democratic system, explain!
6. Explain the differences in federal systems with a unitary state!
7. Why can happen apatride?
8. Please list and describe the two main functions of the Pancasila!
9. Name the three preparatory committee hearing decision dated 18 August 1945!
10. In addition there are also rights the principal obligations of citizens, state, and show pouring (penuangannya) in 1945 Act
11. To choose what institutions election after reform?
12. Name the four principal content contained in any constitution!
13. Name the four principal thought the 1945 opening!
14. Name the four national goals!
15. Explain what is contained in the sort order for legislation after the reform!

if there are any questions send a message to +6208647136861

good luck

Sabtu, 15 Mei 2010


1. What the meaning of general election? 2. Mention basic law general election in the constitusion 1945! 3. How many general election in Indonesia was happen? 4. What the purpose of general election (GE)? 5. What any kind of selected institute in GE? 6. Explain the grounds (asas-asas) of GE? Do in your group, and collects at school when lesson civic education. Needs help: 085647136861 Thank for your attention. Good luck.

Sabtu, 08 Mei 2010

Task for class x tomorow

Important task:
for all class X senior high scool state of Boyolali, every group must be record the event of pemilukada in video format, minimum required 1 minute. Good luck. Please announcement your friend.

Jumat, 07 Mei 2010

Workgroup 1 do task by number 1 and 2.
Workgroup 2 do task ay number 2 and 3.
Third workgroup do task by number 3 and 4.
Fourth workgroup do task by 4 and 5.
Next we will meet to talking about the task in second period, thank you and wasalamualaikumwarahmatullahiwabarakatuh

Rabu, 05 Mei 2010

Task for class X smansa

Wardaya Drs

First week program of April 2010 : 1. The theory divition of power of double district public service - six district public service. 2. Formation scheme of power in Indonesia. 3. Difference of autority system when Orba with a period of reformation. 4. Sketch autority MA, KY n MK. 5. Explains, why in Indonesia can happened middleman case ( makelar kasus ). Atention, This task for class X smansa.